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Trndez 2024 by AUA Student Council

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”356″ gal_title=”Trndez 2024 by AUA Student Council”]

AUA Basketball Tournament 2024

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”354″ gal_title=”AUA Basketball Tournament 2024″]

Live Talk#2 “The Art of Visual Communication” by AUA Live Talks Club

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”349″ gal_title=”Live Talk#2 The Art of Visual Communication” by AUA Live Talks Club”]

Student Ambassadorship Gathering 2024

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”343″ gal_title=”Student Ambassadorship Gathering 2024″]

X-mas in Aghveran by Student Council

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”334″ gal_title=”Xmas in Aghveran by Student Council”]

Jingle Science by AUA Science Club

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”333″ gal_title=”Jingle Science” by AUA Science Club”]

AUA Chess Tournament Fall by AUA Chess Club

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”332″ gal_title=”AUA Chess Tournament Fall by AUA Chess Club”]

Live Talk#1 Generational Shift: Balancing Education and Work by AUA Live Talks Club

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”351″ gal_title=”Live Talk #1 Generational Shift: Balancing Education and Work””]

What? Where? When? by Student Council

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”331″ gal_title=”What? Where? When? by Student Council”]

Meet & Greet with President Boghosian by Student Council

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”347″ gal_title=”Meet and Greet with President Boghosian”]

Student Ambassadorship 2023

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”341″ gal_title=”Student Ambassadorship 2023″]

Pumpkin Carving 2023

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”345″ gal_title=”Pumpkin Carving 2023″]

AUA Fall Trip: Discovering Tavush by Student Council

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”330″ gal_title=”AUA Fall Trip: Discovering Tavush by Student Council”]


Blood Donation Drive by Student Council & Yeolyan Institute

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”329″ gal_title=”Blood Donation Drive by Student Council and Yeolyan Institute”]

Community Drive for Artsakhtsi Families by

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”328″ gal_title=”Community Drive for Artsakhtsi Families”]

Peer Mentoring 2023

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”339″ gal_title=”Peer Mentoring 2023″]

Freshman Orientation Days 

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”336″ gal_title=”Freshman Orientation Days”]

AUA Chess Team at Gyumri Cup

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”312″ gal_title=”AUA Chess Team at Gyumri Cup”]

Cooking Master Class

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”307″ gal_title=”Cooking Master Class”]

AUA Commencement 2023

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”310″ gal_title=”AUA 31st Commencement”]

AUA Choir Concert

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”305″ gal_title=”AUA Choir Concert (Spring 2023)”]

Bloggers’ Role in Today’s Society

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”303″ gal_title=”Bloggers Role in Today Society”]

    TEDxAUA 2023: What if?

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”302″ gal_title=”TEDxAUA 2023: What If?”]

             AUA Chess Tournament 2023

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”299″ gal_title=”AUA Chess Tournament 2023-2″]

              AUA Futsal Tournament 2023

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”272″ gal_title=”AUA Futsal Tournament 2023″]


                                                                Valentine’s Day and Love Song/RomCom Quiz

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”267″ gal_title=”Valentines Day and Love Song/RomCom Quiz”]

Trndez 2023

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”264″ gal_title=”Student Council & World of Culture Club: Trndez 2023″]

Data Warriors: Datathon

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”268″ gal_title=”Data Warriors: Datathon”]

AUA Choir Christmas Concert 2022


Cubing Club: Armenian National Cubing Competition 2022

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”255″ gal_title=”Armenian National Cubing Competition 2022″]

Pumpkin Carving 2022

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”253″ gal_title=”Pumpkin Carving 2022″]

Club Fair 2022

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”250″ gal_title=”Club Fair 2022″]

Peer Mentoring 2022

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”247″ gal_title=”Peer Mentoring 2022″]

Orientation Days in AUA 2022

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”245″ gal_title=”Orientation Days 2022″]

Tennis Club

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”239″ gal_title=”Tennis Club”]

Science Club: The Science Game Finals

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”237″ gal_title=”The Science Game: Finals”]

Data Warriors: Explain to Me Like I’m 5: Blockchain

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”236″ gal_title=”Explain to me like I’m 5: Blockchain”]

TEDxAUA: Shedding A Light

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”241″ gal_title=”TEDXAUA: Shedding A Light”]

Chess Club: AUA Chess Tournament

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”235″ gal_title=”AUA Chess Tournament”]

AUA Board Games Club: Guess The Tune

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”234″ gal_title=”Guess the Tune”]

Science Club: The Science Game

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”233″ gal_title=”The Science Game”]

Book & Beyond Club: The Book Exchange Event

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”232″ gal_title=”The Book Exchange Event”]

Recitation Club: The Poet Who Does Not Age

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”231″ gal_title=”The Poet Who Does Not Age”]

“The Resonance” Music Club: Christmas Jam

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”230″ gal_title=”Christmas Jam”]


Cubing Club: AUA Open 2021

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”229″ gal_title=”AUA Open 2021 Cubing Competition”]

TEDxAUA: TED Circles

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”243″ gal_title=”TEDxAUA: TED Circles”]

Civic Education Club: The Elections of Local Self-Government Bodies in Armenia

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”228″ gal_title=”The Elections of Local Self-Government Bodies in Armenia”]

AUA Club Fair 2021

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”217″ gal_title=”Club Fair 2021″]

AUA Futsal Tournament: Day 1

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”45″ gal_title=”AUA Futsal Tournament: Day 1″]

Trndez 2020

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”41″ gal_title=”Trndez”]

Welcome back from the Army 2020

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”39″ gal_title=”Welcome Back 2020″]

AUA Chess Team

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”32″ gal_title=”AUA Chess Team”]

AUA Tennis Club

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”33″ gal_title=”AUA Tennis Club”]

Meeting with Lieutenant Colonel Davit Aleksanyan

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”19″ gal_title=”Meeting with Lieutenant Colonel Davit Aleksanyan”]

Winter Ball 2019

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”20″ gal_title=”Winter Ball 2019″]

Meeting with Deputy Minister G. Loretsyan

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”27″ gal_title=”Meeting with the Deputy Minister G. Loretsyan”]

Students Meet President Karin Markides

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”21″ gal_title=”Students Meet President Karin Markides”]

Pumpkin Carving

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”22″ gal_title=”Pumpkin Carving”]

What? Where? When?: UBERMAN

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”23″ gal_title=”What? Where? When?: UBERMAN”]

Volunteering Matters

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”5″ gal_title=”US Expert in Volunteering Visited AUA”]

Alumni Reunion 2019

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”25″ gal_title=”Alumni Reunion 2019″]

What? Where? When?: Alumni VS Students

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”18″ gal_title=”What? Where? When?: Alumni VS Students”]

Banaki Qef: Welcome back, dear veterans!

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”17″ gal_title=”Banaki Qef: Welcome back, dear veterans!”]

Club Fair 2019

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”9″ gal_title=”Club Fair 2019″]

Orientation Days in AUA: Class of 2023

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”7″ gal_title=”Orientation Days in AUA: Class of 2023″]