Math & Writing Center

Fill in the Skill Gaps. Build on Your Strengths.

Improve your math and writing skills with our confidence-building one-on-one sessions.


Lack confidence in writing? Got a complex math problem?
Come to discuss your questions with one of our friendly and professional consultants.

Ask us anything to brainstorm it out, clear confusion, and unlock the door to effective learning strategies
with additional support outside of the classroom.

AUA's Math and Writing Center is here to serve both undergraduate and graduate students from any program and course.     

Math Support

Doing math can be fun, productive, and stress-free. Find out how you can achieve your learning goals faster.

Writing Support

Find more joy in writing. Have our consultants guide you through the entire process of writing.

workshops conducted in 2022-23 AY.
math and writing sessions completed in 2022-23 AY
of students say they have improved their skills in math and/or writing after using the service.
What Students Say About Us
“Attending the Math and Writing Center was beneficial for me in many different ways. Sessions with a friendly and positive consultant help to construct sentences in a form acceptable in American English. Frequent meetings helped to gain the ability to choose appropriate and best suitable words for specific contexts. I strongly recommend the Math and Writing Center to students who are enthusiastic about having strong writing skills. Thank you so much to the knowledgeable and conscientious consultants.”

-First year E&C student

“Writing academic essays were a source of stress for me, but with the support of the professional team at the writing center I have started enjoying the process. They helped me create some strategies to plan ahead and write my thoughts in a logical order. I admire their dedication and continuous follow up on my writing.”

- First year MA TEFL student

“One will never be afraid of expressing his ideas because of the friendly environment that exists there. Also, I never felt ashamed of something I did not know because the consultants create such an environment where you can learn from your mistakes. Whether it is half an hour or an hour and a half, it passes as a minute in the Center for Student Success with awesome, friendly, and helpful consultants. The sessions were not only informative and educating but also filled with joy.”

- Second year E&C student

“As a CS student who often uses the services provided by the Math & Writing Center, I want to express my gratitude to the consultants who helped me to overcome my writing assignments throughout the whole 1st year of study. I had some drawbacks with my English wording, and due to the helpful consultants I improved my writing habits. I am very pleased with their kindness, willingness to help, and I advise the students to use the advantages the Math & Writing Center is providing and to obtain necessary writing skills.”

- First year CS student

"The Math and Writing center in our university provides a huge support to the students, especially to the ones who come from the other universities or have some other difficulties with the English language, to feel more confident. The willingness of the consultants allow the students to feel free and discuss all the confusing questions. Thus, this center helps everyone to improve their writing skills and to write academic essays, without any obstacles."

- First year PSIA student

"When I first found out about the math consultation service, I felt really lucky, and I ended up standing corrected for 2 semesters. The math consultant has gotten me through so much and helped and guided me through a lot of tough challenges, and I learned a lot from it. I became a lot better from math because of this wonderful service, and I absolutely appreciate the 1:1 environment, it's the key feature to this service and what really earned my interest in the first place. I rate it 10/10, and will definitely use it again in the semesters to come! I wouldn't be able to learn very well with just PSS, OH and lectures if it weren't for math consultations, so I wholeheartedly appreciate it and want to verbally say it. Thank you".

- First year CS student

"Writing Center was beneficial for me in my first academic year in AUA. The consultants are gentle and intelligent professionals, who help us overcome every difficulty that we have had during our classes. Moreover, they not only put us in the right direction but also give us such lessons that help us to avoid the same mistakes in the future. Thus, I advise all my friends to visit the Writing Center whenever they have problems with essays."

- First year BA Business student